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a state of calm attentiveness where one’s actions are guided by consciousness and awareness 


making zen operational in your life, bringing calm, awareness, and purpose to your life and business through personalized coaching, workshops, and our proprietary operating system


Individual coaching

Uncover joy, peace, and success. We'll meet you where you are and develop a program designed to enhance your well-being.  We offer subscriptions or ad hoc sessions depending on your individual needs.

Individual and Team Workshops

We offer workshops focused on the following areas: Purpose, Presence, Relationships, Resilience, Leadership, and Team Building. They can be conducted individually or for teams and combined to form a program tailored to your needs.

Business Conference
Business Plan

Operational Consulting

Facing a challenging team, cultural or operational challenge? We focus on the alignment of people, purpose, process, and systems.  We bring our extensive leadership experience to assist you.

OPZEN Operating 

A kanban-based software tool to help you operationalize zen in your life.

Channel your energy, flow in waves,

focus on NOW, connect with others, and establish habits to stay present and resilient.


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